MAT YIE :: From 2002 to 2009, he had nerly 50 times seize awards winning. He also who popularized bonsai from tree species called Sapu Sapu / Cucur Atap (Beackea Frutescens) to the world scene. He is a bonsai artist from Malaysia who was rocketed to the stage of the world-class master.

MAT YIE with Master ROBERT STEVEN (Indonesia)

MAT YIE with Master ROBERT STEVEN (Indonesia)

Mohd Bohori Bin Che Makhtar. That’s his real name, whit nickname is Mat Yie. He became involved in bonsai in 1993, on the sidelines of his work as an employee at a gold processing company in Kelantan, Malaysia. As a bonsai artist, he’s classified as multi-talented. Sweep of a pen in his hand is able to produce images that are very stunning bonsai sketch, and he was able to realize at every tree he was working on.

’’It feels good when my sketch became a reference by many bonsai enthusiasts. For me, bonsai it just for the satisfaction and peace of mind,’’ said Mat Yie who usually use Matyie Che Makhtar name on the facebook.

Created by MAT YIE

Created by MAT YIE

At the beginning of his career as a bonsai artist, Mat Yie admitted very inspired by Master Cheng Cheng Kung from Taiwan. Then after 17 years have passed, making and collecting raw materials bonsai from the forest while still enjoying other hobbies beside bonsai, one by one he was won local level awards. Until 2010, he was has won nearly 50 seizes national prestigious awards winning.

This successful was makes Mat Yie entry on the elite circle world of bonsai Malaysia. In 2007 he starting became a lecturer for the art of making bonsai in Tumpat to student of Giatmara Tumpat, On February 14, 2010 he led the CLC members held a progrem called BonsaiRace in Merang (Trengganu) with total of 100 participant where each participants will go on a search for a specisific or native bonsai tree called Beackea Frutescens (Sapu Sapu/Cucur Atap).

Created by MAT YIE

Created by MAT YIE

‘’I no longer follow the contest in 2010, when it began to be a judge,’’ said Mat Yie who was born in the city of Kota Bahru, Kelantan, August 31, 1963. [For more details about the profile of Mohd Bohori bin Che Makhtar, just click MAESTRO]

In that year, he started bonsai contest judging at the national level in Malaysia and even in the following year (2011) he became a national bonsai contest judges in Madura (Indonesia). Mohd Bohori be one role model and to be proud of by bonsai enthusiasts in his country, he had already ventured into various cities in Malaysia in order to give workshops and demos making bonsai.

‘’Trend bonsai in Malaysia today is simple but interesting,’’ said the bonsai master who now serves as Vice President of Persatuan Seniman Bonsai Malaysia (PSBM) and Assistant Secretary General GPAAK (Gushi and Penjing Art Association Kedah). Do not be surprised if he was involved in the organization of suiseki. “I have many hobbies. In addition to bonsai, I also like fishing, collecting antiques, collecting rocks for penjing and suiseki, also hobby jungle tracking,’’ said Mat Yie on bursabonsai.com

MAT YIE with Master CHENG CHENG KUNG (Taiwan) in a workshop

MAT YIE with Master CHENG CHENG KUNG (Taiwan) in a workshop

The man who prefers solitude to narrate this, bonsai enthusiasts in Malaysia today prefer to exploit the country’s native species are also known in some countries of Southeast Asia. Their favorite is Sapu Sapu (Beackea Frutescens), Anting Putri (Wrightia Religiosa), Asam Jawa (Tamarindus Indica), Jeruk Kingkit and some other.

Now Mat Yie start enjoying fame as well as a master bonsai artist. In his bonsai garden there are about 500 trees in a condition ready for the contest and repotting, consists of a dozen species dominated Premna, Wrightia Religiosa,

Has nearly 500 collection of various bonsai trees nearing completion and new reportting consists of ext Premna, Beackea Frutescens, Buxus, Maba Buxifoia, Hisbiscus, Triphasia Tripholia, Murraya Paniculata and Ficus.

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