Place and date of birth __Copenhagen, Denmark, June 29, 1963
Lives in_________________Freltofte, Denmark.
Daughter_______________Anna (16)
Wive___________________Ann-Lisbeth (artist painter)
Occupation_______________Photographer for television.
Educational background______Gardener.
Become involve bonsai_______In 1993. I joined the Danish Bonsai Society, but it was in my younger days I discovered bonsai, because a teacher at the gardeners school showed how he made bonsai. But is was only later I started my self after seeing a local bonsai exhibition in 1993.
Figure influencing__________None especially, but I have always admired the Japanese Tomio Yamada at Seikou-en in Omiya, Japan, whom I have visited twice. Secondly I have had guidance by Japanese shohin-bonsai expert Tomohiro Masumi at Koju-en in Kyoto, Japan.
Expertise in _______________Shohin bonsai is my main expertise, but I also have special interest in displaying bonsai and have studied this a lot.
Organisation ______________I am an active member of the Danish Bonsai Society were I also am webmaster. Further I am involved equally with two friends in Fuchi Bonsai arranging education, exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses in bonsai.
Bonsai garden_____________My garden and bonsai educational centre is named Albek Bonsai Studio, and is located at an old farmhouse. The bonsai and Japanese garden is 215 square meters framed by buildings. I have around 65 bonsai and a number of accents at this area. Species are European Yew, Japanese maples, Pines, Junipers, Crapabble and many others.



Award winning ______ [2013] Bonsai Best in show (juniper) Danish Bonsai Exhibition …. [2012] Shohin Bonsai runners-up prize Danish Bonsai Society exhibition….[2011] Best display Danish Bonsai Society 30th anniversary exhibition….[2010] Shohin first prize Danish Bonsai Society 29th exhibition….[2009] 1. Art of Bonsai Awards, Winner of the AoB Shohin-bonsai category, 2. Mame-bonsai European Bonsai Association Certificate of Merit Danish Bonsai Society 28th exhibition, 3. Shohin runners up prize. Danish Bonsai Society 28th exhibition….[2008] 1. Mame-bonsai – European Bonsai Association Certificate of Merit. Danish Bonsai Society 27th exhibition, 2. Shohin first prize Danish Bonsai Society 27th exhibition….[2007] Runners up Shohin prize Danish Bonsai Society 26th exhibition. Japanese maple….[2006] 1. Winner of the Bonsai Today / Art of Bonsai contest (Companion Plantings Category – Asplenium tricomanes – Maidenhair), 2. Runners up Bonsai. Danish Bonsai Society 25th jubillee exhibition – Cotoneaster microphylla….[2004] Special award for Shohin-Bonsai Display Danish Bonsai Association Exhibition 2004. Display set up in companionship with Johnny Eslykke and Torben Pedersen….[2003] “Keyaki Master 2003“. Winner of the special competition between the first 10 winners of the New talent Contest in Denmark. The event took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September….[2002] “EBA New Talent Contest“. Representing Denmark, in the European Bonsai Association final NTC in Trevarez, France….[2001]. Winner of the Danish New Talent Contest. Danish Bonsai Society.


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