Nickname ____ “Magical Technician of Kindai Shuppan”.

Place and date of birth ___ Ōmiya-ku, March 31, 1940

Nationality____ Japan

Lives in _____ Saitama, Japan

Became involved in bonsai ____ began when he was 15 years old (1955).

Figure influencing ____ Master Motosuke Hamano, owner Toju-en Bonsai Garden. Kimura eleven years learning bonsai from Mr Hamano.
Failed dreams realized ____ to be a rock and roll musician.

Created by Masahiko Kimura

Created by Masahiko Kimura

Expertise in _____ Carving Deadwood ( A characteristic of his trees is a defined interplay of artistically sculptured deadwood with a smaller amount of more traditionally appearing live wood snaking up from the soil to foliage apex. Many of his trees have a more elaborate starkness than is ordinarily found in the wild, innovatively creative without historic model).

Organization ____ Director of Nippon Bonsai Association

Professional History ___ Vice Director of Nippon Bonsai Growers Cooperative

Awards ____ Person of cultural Merit Award (2001), Contemporary Master Craftsman (2002), Yellow Ribbon Medal (2006), General Director of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Award (2007), received so many award in the works of Bonsai art.

Some of his students are now become a master ___ Marco Invernizzi, Salvatore Liporace, Ernie Kuo, Marc Noelanders, Kawabe Takeo, and Ryan Neil


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