Armando and his wive, Haina Zantunia
Juniperus Taiwanensis by Armando

Juniperus Taiwanensis by Armando

NickName ______Armando-san, Armando Sensei
Nationality ______ITALY
Place & date of birth ______Tarzo (Treviso) 10/15/1935
Wife ______Haina Zantunia (49/bonsai artist)
Lives in ______31020 Tarzo , Via Roma , 6 (TV) Home phone +39 0438 587265
Email ______armando.haina.dalcol @
Website :: ::

Occupation ______Master Bonsai & Suiseki. Retired from Pack Industry at San Remo.

Educational background ______Junior Secondary School

Become involve in bonsai ______Spring 1963, a peach and a Cydonia , which is still alive. As a boy I remained fascinated by the trees in bloom, and extending an arm, I saw the tree projected on the palm of my hand. So it was that I had the idea to create a miniature tree that could live in a bowl to hold in my hands . I did not know Bonsai, so it is as if I had invented it! My first great teacher was the NATURE!

Expertise in ______All Tree ALL Style, Deadwood , Tanuki , Suiseki , Landscape on the rock

Name Organization ______UBI (Union Bonsai Italian). I collaborate with articles for the magazine -News . In January of 1984 I founded the Bonsai Club Belluno, the first club of Triveneto .

Bonsai Garden ______ “Museum Bonsai Garden of the Serenity” SEI- WA- BONSAI- EN. The bonsai garden covers an area of 1000 square meters, more a part of the hill. There are over 600 Bonsai + or -
with many species of flora Italian, European, nursery gardening, most Japanese and Asian species.

Award winning ______Japan and USA at World Bonsai Contest, organization by Nippon Bonsai Association: 1986, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013.
National winning every year from 1984 to 2013 , winning trophies, cups, medals of gold, and so on.

Books ______”Bonsai and Suiseki”, “Bonsai Italic Flora”, “Bonsai Evolution”, “Bonsai Sophisticated Techniques”, “Bonsai Styles”, “New Trends Bonsai”



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