I began involved in bonsai recently, the end of 2009. That’s enough for me 18 years of wrestling in the world of journalism, three times a Chief Editor, two times a Managing Director, once became a News and Program Director at a TV broadcast, once head of Public Relations Marketing divisions of foreign companies, once so Vice Secretary General of the a political party and once finished as a Chairman Electronic Media Development Working Group of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI).

It’s also enough to taste the experience of a journalistic tour of more than 16 countries, including three times to cover the European Cup soccer tournament (Eurocup 1992 Sweden, 1996 English, 2000 Dutch-Belgian).

In addition, the age and technology that shot like a Ferrari speeding on the freeway, day after day makes me feel more so antique items, no longer competitive in metropolitan Jakarta. For a while I had to go home, so farm workers though. No problem.

Then came the idea for the portal One by one network of international bonsai did I try to approach, I also created a group called World Bonsai League on facebook. I hope the world does not merely portray the image of bonsai as a hobby of pensioners and the elderly. Bonsai should be an industry of creative economy movement. At least that was my dream.

I dedicate this portals for bonsai enthusiasts everywhere, please interact, transact and promos, if necessary promote yourself and your bonsai. Free!!


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