I BEGAN to pursue bonsai recently, the end of 2009. That’s enough for me 18 years of wrestling in the world of journalism, three times a Chief Editor, two times a Managing Director, once became a News and Program Director at a TV broadcast, once head of Public Relations Marketing divisions of foreign companies, once so Vice Secretary General of the a political party and once finished as a Chairman Electronic Media Development Working Group of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI).

It’s also enough to taste the experience of a journalistic tour of more than 16 countries, including three times to cover the European Cup soccer tournament (Eurocup 1992 Sweden, 1996 English, 2000 Dutch-Belgian).

In addition, the age and technology that shot like a Ferrari speeding on the freeway, day after day makes me feel more so antique items, no longer competitive in metropolitan Jakarta. For a while I had to go home, so farm workers though. No problem. At the same time I try to completed two novels, Strega (Killer Needle Love) and Ken Arok Sues the halting ending.

Then came the idea for the portal One by one network of international bonsai did I try to approach, I also created a group called the International Bonsai League on facebook. I hope the world does not merely portray the image of bonsai as a hobby of pensioners and the elderly. Bonsai should be an industry of creative economy movement. At least that was my dream.

I dedicate this portals for bonsai enthusiasts everywhere, please interact, transact and promos, if necessary promote yourself and your bonsai. Free!!


IWAN GAJAH | Orang Pinggiran

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